Aquafine OPTIMA HX系列

  • Aquafine OPTIMA HX系列

Efficient and cost-effective, the Optima HX Series, which includes the Optima HX mini, provides proven performance and technology for ozone destruction and disinfection in numerous applications such as Food & Beverage, Life Sciences and Microelectronics. 

The Optima HX series was designed with a sophisticated sizing program, combining Multiple Source Summation (MPSS) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), which are critical in calculating fluency rates, flow patterns and velocity distribution.

The series consists of 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a stainless steel control panel in one integral unit for models with reactors up to 8” in diameter. Models HX 02BDSU and above have a standard UL TYPE - 1 painted carbon steel control cabinet. 

FLOWRATES: 40-1400gpm @ 94%UVT, 45-2200gpm @99%UVT
MARKETS: Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, and Microelectronics
APPLICATIONS: Disinfection

Features can also be customized to customer specifications and industry requirements.

Download the Marketing Brief from the “Downloads” tab for full specifications, features and options.

  • With low-pressure, high-output lamp (LPHO) technology, the HX lamp provides increased process performance and extended lamp life, while the systems compact size allows for a smaller footprint, maximizing installations flexibility. Single-ended (SE) HX lamps allow quick change-outs without tools. Select models are UL and CE listed.